DeFi Showcase: CryptoElections – Lead Nations through Blockchain Elections

Empowering Players to Become Presidents and Earn Rewards


Welcome to Bleeding.Technology’s DeFi Showcase, where we bring you the most innovative projects in the decentralized finance space. In this edition, we delve into the world of CryptoElections, an engaging game that allows players to lead countries through blockchain-based elections. Join us as we explore how CryptoElections empowers players to become presidents, earn rewards, and participate in the dynamic world of decentralized gaming.

Unveiling CryptoElections

CryptoElections is not your ordinary game; it is a groundbreaking project that merges the excitement of gaming with the power of decentralized finance. Built on blockchain technology, CryptoElections offers players an immersive experience where they can run election campaigns in cities, win votes, and ultimately become presidents. With its innovative features and focus on rewards, CryptoElections introduces a new paradigm for gaming in the decentralized finance ecosystem.


  1. Running Election Campaigns: Engaging Gameplay
  2. Rewarding Presidents: Earning Commissions from Transactions
  3. Battling for Power: Competition and Strategic Gameplay

Running Election Campaigns: Engaging Gameplay

CryptoElections provides an engaging gameplay experience centered around running election campaigns. Players strategize and make decisions to attract the electorate in various cities, aiming to win the majority of votes and become presidents. The more people living in a city, the more votes a player can secure. This interactive gameplay element keeps players immersed in the game as they navigate the complexities of election campaigns and compete for power.

Rewarding Presidents: Earning Commissions from Transactions

In CryptoElections, the rewards are not limited to the thrill of victory. Presidents, once elected, receive a 1% commission fee from every transaction that takes place in their respective countries. This unique reward system incentivizes players to campaign effectively and encourages strategic thinking as they aim to become presidents in as many countries as possible. By earning commissions, players can accumulate rewards and potentially generate income within the game.

Battling for Power: Competition and Strategic Gameplay

CryptoElections introduces an element of competition and strategy as players vie for power. If someone wants to beat a player who is already the mayor of a city, they must pay up to twice the amount the current mayor paid. This dynamic gameplay mechanic adds an extra layer of challenge and strategic decision-making, as players must carefully consider their positions and the potential threats they may face from rivals. The battle for power creates an immersive and exciting environment for players.


CryptoElections stands as an innovative project in the world of decentralized gaming and finance. With its engaging gameplay, rewarding commissions, and strategic competition, CryptoElections offers players an immersive experience where they can become presidents and earn rewards. Join the CryptoElections community and embark on a thrilling journey of running election campaigns and shaping nations in the decentralized gaming world.

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