DeFi Showcase: CryptoGit – Empowering Open Source Projects through Blockchain Smart Contracts

Own Tokens, Support Maintainers, and Earn Profits!


Welcome to Bleeding.Technology’s DeFi Showcase, where we highlight the most innovative and groundbreaking projects in the decentralized finance space. In this edition, we are excited to present CryptoGit, a platform that brings together famous open source projects and blockchain smart contracts. Get ready to dive into a world where you can own tokens, support project maintainers, and earn profits. Join us as we explore the unique features and opportunities that CryptoGit offers in this captivating DeFi showcase.

Unveiling CryptoGit

CryptoGit is not your ordinary platform; it merges the power of open source projects with the potential of blockchain smart contracts. At its core, CryptoGit enables users to own tokens associated with renowned open source projects. By purchasing a Card, users can support project maintainers financially while having the opportunity to earn profits through a unique re-listing mechanism. Let’s delve deeper into the fascinating aspects of CryptoGit.


  1. Owning Tokens: Empowering Contributors and Supporters
  2. Re-Listing Mechanism: Unlocking Profit Potential
  3. Supporting Maintainers: Sustaining Open Source Projects

Owning Tokens: Empowering Contributors and Supporters

CryptoGit empowers contributors and supporters of open source projects by allowing them to own tokens associated with those projects. By owning these tokens, individuals become part of the project’s community and have a vested interest in its success. This unique ownership model fosters a sense of collaboration and shared purpose, strengthening the bond between developers, contributors, and users.

Re-Listing Mechanism: Unlocking Profit Potential

One of the standout features of CryptoGit is its re-listing mechanism. When users purchase a Card, it is instantly re-listed for sale at a higher price. This creates an opportunity for individuals to earn profits when someone purchases their Card. By leveraging this mechanism, users can potentially earn up to double the amount they initially invested in ETH. This innovative approach aligns the interests of contributors and investors, creating a win-win situation for all participants.

Supporting Maintainers: Sustaining Open Source Projects

CryptoGit recognizes the importance of sustaining open source projects and supporting their maintainers. As part of its model, 4% of the profits generated from transactions are allocated to project maintainers. This financial support contributes to the ongoing development and maintenance of these crucial projects, ensuring their long-term viability. By participating in CryptoGit, individuals directly contribute to the sustainability and growth of open source initiatives.


CryptoGit represents the fusion of open source projects and blockchain smart contracts, creating a unique platform that empowers contributors, supporters, and project maintainers alike. With its ownership model, re-listing mechanism, and commitment to sustaining open source projects, CryptoGit provides an avenue for individuals to engage, support, and earn profits within the decentralized finance ecosystem.

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